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Partner: FH Joanneum


Related to academic dissemination, it is already ongoing and we are going to continue in this directions for the next years. With respect to publications, at least one is planned on this topic before the project's ending

Platform: IEEE conferences (tbd), FH forum in Austria and European conferences and journals

Scope: Vehicle simulation in Matlab/Simulink for efficiency analysis of electrical powertrains

Target Group:

Students from Bachelor programme of "Electronics and Technology Management" and Master programme "Advanced Electronics Engineering". Industrial partners interested on collaborate in similar developments

Benefits for target group:

The student will gain knowledge beyond the state of the art, which increase their opportunities of a rapid entrance in the job market. Potential industrial partners can find in us a sinergy needed to develop new concepts and product, which attempt to be safer and more efficient.  

Mechanisms for knowledge sharing: FHJ's website, lectures, conferences and exhibitions