Category: SC 3


Authors:  Danilo Herrera, Eduardo Galván, Juan Manuel Carrasco y José Luis Mora.

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Partner: USE

Timing: in progress

Platform: IEEE transactions on Motor Systems, IEEE transactions on Energy Conversion, IEEE transactions on Renewable Energy.

Scope: New Synchronous Reluctance Machine design and new direct torque control applied to multi conductor machines based on Output Regulation Subspace and predictive techniques integrated into a real test-bench.

Target Group: motor design, car manufacturers, electronic systems designers

Benefits for target group:

The student will gain knowledge beyond the dissemination of the results, which increase their opportunities of a rapid entrance in the job market. Potential industrial partners can use the results to adapt for your function, to develop new concepts, product or use the novel control, which attempt to be safer and more efficient.

Mechanisms for knowledge sharing: conferences & scientific publications