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Partner: The University of Sheffield

Timing: 01.04.2014


Conference - IET international conference on power electronics, machines and drives PEMD 2014


The paper proposes a new method for detection of stator turn fault and faulted phase using the PWM current ripple. The method is based on the fact that a stator turn fault will reduce the inductance seen by the healthy part of the stator winding, and consequently, the magnitude of current ripples due to PWM switching will increase. A stator turn fault can, therefore, be detected by monitoring the RMS current ripple at the PWM frequency via appropriate filtering.     The concept has been proven by analysis of frequency response of turn fault winding along with transient simulation. The detection technique has been validated on a 5-phase SPM     motor test rig     in USFD.

Target Group: Motor drive designers

Benefits for target group: EV drive designers

Mechanisms for knowledge sharing: Scientific Publication