Category: SC 2


Authors:  Sen, B., Jiabin Wang

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Partner: The University of Sheffield

Timing: 01.09.2013

Platform: Conference - IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE) - 2013 


The paper presents an analytical approach to extract machine parameters for creating a machine model under stator turn fault condition for a surface permanent-magnet (SPM) motor. The development of an accurate model of turn faulted SPM motor is essential to study motor and drive behavior under fault conditions, and to develop effective turn fault detection algorithms. The main contribution of the paper is to propose a completely analytical approach to modeling turn fault in SPM machine, which has not been reported so far in literature. Further to validate the analytical method, finite element (FE) analysis of an SPM motor with stator turn fault is performed and the results are compared with the analytical prediction. It is shown that the proposed model achieves good match with the FE results.

Target Group: Motor drive designers

Benefits for target group: EV drive designers

Mechanisms for knowledge sharing: Scientific Publication